A fully-integrated alarm system has saved a pair of the world’s most priceless Rembrandt paintings after it alerted security to a burglary at a London art gallery.

The alarm was triggered as an unknown thief forced entry to Dulwich Picture Gallery in South London and attempted to make off with two valuable canvases which were part of an exhibition.

It immediately alerted security to the audacious heist, also triggering a police response.

Although the thief was able to escape, after spraying an officer in the face with an unknown substance, the two priceless paintings were recovered dumped in a bush in the gallery grounds.

A spokesman for Scotland Yard said thankfully the officer did not suffer a serious injury and the hunt for the thief is underway.

A Gallery spokesman said: “The intruder was detected by the gallery’s robust security systems and thanks to the immediate intervention of security staff and the response of Metropolitan Police the paintings were secured at the scene.”

It is not yet known if the paintings included the famous Dutch master’s portrait of Jacob de Gheyn III which is claimed to be the most stolen artwork in the world having been taken and recovered four times!”

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